How to Prevent and Remove Black Mold from Underneath your Spa Cover

by Tony Turbo.

Black mold on the underside of spa covers can be a fairly common problem. It’s also unsightly and a bit difficult to remove. However, it is also easily preventable.

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Black Mold on the underside of a hot tub cover

Why Can Black Mold Form Beneath A Spa Cover?

Mold is a type of fungus. All kinds of fungal spores are constantly floating around in the outside air ready to set up home wherever they find a “friendly location”. Even if you use your spa every day for a ½ hour, 98% of the time the spa cover is down, isolating this space from outside, drier, and usually cooler air. Hence, the space between a spa cover and the surface of the spa water is consistently moist and warm, a friendly location, and a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Note that white mold and pink slime, actually a bacterium and one type of biofilm, can also be found in this space though they are more likely to be “hiding” in crevices around spa pillows, in the crease of the spa cover hinge or the spa’s plumbing.

Preventing Black Mold

When you are using SERUM Total Maintenance in your spa for all of its major benefits you are also preventing black mold from developing on your spa cover.

As noted, the air under your spa cover is very humid with lots of evaporated water. This humid air contains the same ADBAC, the key ingredient in Total Maintenance, in your spa water. Hence, without even knowing, you are preventing black mold! In fact, you are preventing all forms of biofilm and molds in your spa.

Removing Black Mold

While it’s much easier to prevent black mold, SERUM Total Maintenance will also remove it. Simply spray Total Maintenance on the cover and wipe it down vigorously with a towel, or, for more resistant mold, add Total Maintenance to a Scotch-Brite sponge, to kill and remove the mold.

Thanks for reading,
Turbo Tony

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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