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Becoming a Serum Watercare Dealer

Thank you for taking the first step to becoming a Hot Tub Serum Dealer. If haven’t tried Hot Tub SERUM yet simply request a FREE sample right now by completing and submitting the form below. Once you’ve tried your sample you will see for yourself the difference our hot tub chemicals will make. Contact us to place your opening order for this new advancement in hot tub chemicals water care. Our Hot Tub Serum can help you to lock up your territory, protect it, and gain the competitive advantage by being the exclusive Hot Tub SERUM dealer in your market.

Your customers will love the benefits of using Serum on their hot tubs. Cleaning and maintenance has never been easier than it is with Serum. Our hot tub chemicals make maintaining hot tub pipes and plumbing a breeze. Do you have an influx of customers complaining about how difficult it is to maintain their hot tub? Serum is the answer!

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