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You bought your spa for the enjoyment, relaxation, comfort, massage, and likely also for a bit of social interaction with your family & friends. All of these are based on clear, clean, pristine water in your hot tub. In a nutshell, that is our mission at Serum Watercare – Pure, Pristine Spa Water!

Serum products can prevent and/or resolve many spa water issues. Not all, but many of them. However, as with all problems, a good understanding of the issue helps ensure the best solution. Hence, we have created our Serum Problem Solver1.

What issues are you having with your hot tub?

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1Many folks think of a hot tub as a small pool. It’s really not when it comes to maintaining great water. The reason is this. It’s much harder to maintain great spa water because the sanitation load, or “bather load”, is much higher. Four issues make it more difficult to maintain great spa water.

  1. A pool often contains 40 – 50x the water volume of a spa. A pool can thus dilute the biologic wastes that occur from use much more than in a spa.
  2. Spa water is usually 20 degrees warmer than pool water. Most bacteria and other pathogens in a pool or spa like warmer water. They will simply reproduce faster in a spa.
  3. The massaging jets you love in your hot tub also scrub off millions of dead skin cells, greatly increasing the biologic waste in a spa, and provide a food source for bacteria and other pathogens.
  4. Most don’t realize that you sweat in a spa because the water temperature is above your skin temperature. You are likely to perspire 1 – 2 pints of sweat in an hour in a spa. This has great therapeutic benefits but is also increases the bather load as your sweat contains urea, ammonia, and other chemicals that need to be removed from your spa water.
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