Why Serum


Everyone wants Crystal-Clear, Safe & Pure spa water. And every spa chemical company wants to tell you they can provide this. Unfortunately, they cannot. The reasons are many but for the right now we can sum it up by simply saying there are no perfect spa sanitation systems – just as there are few perfect anything’s in life.All spa sanitation systems have weaknesses resulting in times when they are not ensuring ALL the potential pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, fungus, etc. are killed and removed from your spa. These reasons have to do with the manner in which various systems work and/or human nature. But the bottom line is at times, often more than once a month, your spa will either not have sufficient sanitizer or ineffective sanitizer resulting in cloudy water – the key indicator that your primary sanitizer is not performing properly.

Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse and Total Maintenance are the perfect additions to ALL spa sanitation regimens because they are complementary. They improve and enhance the performance of all the spa sanitations systems to help ensure your spa water is clear & safe, and your spa is ready to use when you want to use it. It’s really no more complicated than this.

Though SERUM is lethal to all potential spa pathogens including bacterium, viruses, molds, algae etc. they are actually quite gently to you. The key ingredient in all SERUM products is also found in many consumer products including Bactine®, Lysol®, and increasingly in hand sanitizers.

SERUM Total Cleanse is a spa purge. It both kills and removes biomatter in your spa’s plumbing. Biofilm is the slimy coating that occurs on the surfaces in water. It is a colony of bacteria & viruses and well protected by the mucous layer is produced to prevent chemicals from harming it. In fact, no spa sanitation system can prevent biofilm because they all ONLY kill free-swimming pathogens, those that the sanitizer can attack. Bacteria, and other pathogens in biofilm are immune to attack by your spa sanitizer! You should purge your spa at the very last every year, and preferably each time you drain and fill your spa. SERUM Total Cleanse is by far the best spa purge available because (1) it actually kills 99.7% of bacteria (most do not) and (2) unique among purges Total Cleanse includes salts to scrub out your plumbing. When someone doubts us, we will suggest they purge their spa with their existing purge and then purge again with SERUM Total Cleanse. The results are obvious that the initial purge, at best, did a partial job.

Following a proper purge with Total Cleanse, SERUM Total Maintenance is the essential addition to your spa sanitation regimen.

Hot Tub Serum Total Clean System is the cure for perfect choice of spa chemicals for water quality & ease of care...

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Helps keep water balanced.
  • Keeps water clean and clear.
  • Helps you enjoy your hot tub experience longer.
  • Ultimately safe and very effective.
  • Improves hot tub performance.