The Science


Hot Tub SERUM has a single purpose – To make your spa experience the best possible. Clear, safe, and pristine water is the foundation for your spa enjoyment. Before you can enjoy the wonderful massage, the relaxation, the close communication, and the therapy from your hot tub, the water must be right.


We’ll be a bit more specific in the next few topics, but the basis of all SERUM products is alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride, abbreviated as ADBAC. ADBAC is an organic salt in a group of chemicals called quaternary ammonium compounds or QUATs. Simply put, ADBAC is lethal to all pathogens that might appear in your spa. Though in much lower concentrations (because they are not diluted in your spa water) ADBAC can be found in many consumer products including Bactine®, Lysol®, and increasingly in hand sanitizers, because it kills bacteria and viruses.

Our SERUM Total Maintenance is used to keep your spa water crystal clear & free of pathogens. It is also registered with the EPA (EPA REGISTRATION NO. 84409-2). In fact, it is registered with all 50 State EPA’s as well. No other spa products purporting to keep your water clear, other than primary sanitizers, such as chlorine and bromine, are EPA registered. Our EPA registration proves SERUM is safe and effective.

As noted, ADBAC is lethal to all spa pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, fungus, etc., however its also quite safe for humans. Herein lies the secret of SERUM.


SERUM Total Cleanse is a spa purge, also called a spa flush. The statement, “Out of sight, Out of mind” applies to hot tubs and spas. Inside the plumbing of your spa, biofilm is growing. Biofilm is that slimy film in your plumbing that is actually a colony of bacteria. It is darn close to unavoidable without the consistent use of our Total Maintenance because all spa sanitizers kill ONLY free-swimming pathogens including bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. This is something not often discussed in a spa showroom, but it is true. If you ask a knowledgeable spa person, they will confirm this.

Our SERUM Total Cleanse is designed to be used in your spa water just before you drain and refill. Unlike all other spa purges, Total Cleanse contains both salts and ADBAC. When you put Total Cleanse in your spa water and turn on the jets, these salts rip apart the biofilm colony and then the ADBAC kills the bacteria. No other purge has our One-Two Punch to ensure your spa is completely clean following your use of Total Cleanse. In fact, most spa purges do not kill pathogens at all and, lacking something to rip apart the biofilm mucus layer, leave most of the biofilm still hidden in your spa’s plumbing.


When you see cloudy water in your spa the odds are 99 out of 100 the reason is insufficient or ineffective sanitizer. No primary sanitizer regimen can ensure your spa water always has sufficient sanitizer to kill pathogens and keep your spa water safe for use. The reasons are many and we discuss them in our FAQ’s and Blogs.

The solution is SERUM Total Maintenance because Total Maintenance is a back-up, secondary sanitizer. As noted above, Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride (ADBAC) is lethal to all pathogens that might be found in a spa. Total Maintenance both improves the performance of your primary sanitizer AND steps in to continue killing bacteria and other pests when your primary sanitizer concentration is too low or non-existent.

Total Maintenance is also completely compatible with all spa sanitizers from chlorine & bromine to metallic ion and biguanide, even UV systems. And, Total Maintenance is particularly effective with Salt Systems.


Total Maintenance is also a highly effective pH buffer, helping to stabilize your spa water pH. This is far more important than many spa owners realize for two reasons.

First, the killing efficacy of chlorine, the most common sanitizer in spas, is highly impacted by pH. The higher your spa water pH, the less effective chlorine becomes. In fact, even at a pH of 7.8, chlorine has lost 2/3rds of its ability to kill bacteria and other pathogens. Total Maintenance, by stabilizing your pH in the proper 7.2 – 7.6 range, helps ensure the chlorine in your spa is actually working. By the way, should you have a Salt-System spa, the salt-system process will always gradually increase your spa water pH, making Total Maintenance nearly a necessity for you to enjoy your best spa experience.

Second, calcium scaling can be a common problem in spas, particularly if you live in an area with hard water. But Ca scaling will ONLY occur in a spa when the pH exceeds 8.0. Again, Total Maintenance steps in to help prevent this problem by keeping your spa water pH where it belongs. Total Maintenance is so effective that when you regularly use Total Maintenance, we provide you with our Lifetime Jet Warranty!


Have you ever seen that ugly black mold that can appear on the underside of your spa cover or around your spa head rests? SERUM Total Maintenance will also prevent black mold.

When your spa cover is down, the air between your spa cover and the surface of your spa water is very moist. That warm water, at around 100 degree, is evaporating. This creates the perfect breeding ground for molds – both black and white molds. However, when you use SERUM Total Maintenance in your spa, it is also evaporating in the trapped air and kills any and all molds and other pests that might be floating in the air. Hence, no black mold spots develop on your cover or around your spa pillows.

If you were not using Total Maintenance and have black mold, you can also use Total Maintenance to kill and remove these spots!

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