Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Tub SERUM is a water treatment formulated to make it much easier to maintain clear, safe water in your spa and ensure you enjoy owning a hot tub.

Our various Hot Tub SERUM products have different formulations, but the primary active ingredient in all our products is a chemical called Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride or ADBAC. Confirmed with our EPA Registration, ADBAC is safe when used as directed.

Our Total Cleanse also contains salts. It is the best spa purge (also called a spa flush) available. Designed to be added to your spa water just before you drain and refill, the salt scrubs out biofilm in your spa’s plumbing by ripping away the mucus layer protecting the biofilm. ADBAC then kills the bacteria in these biofilms. No other spa purge available has our One-Two Punch to completely clean your spa. To prove this, we sometimes suggest to dealers that they purge a spa with their existing spa purge and then purge again with Total Cleanse. They become converts.

Our Total Maintenance has a lower concentration of ADBAC because it is designed to be used as a maintenance product (added weekly) to continuously prevent biofilms, back-up your primary sanitizer when it is ineffective, and stabilize your spa water pH. Unlike our Total Cleanse, Total Maintenance is designed to be used continuously between your drain & refill periods and while you also enjoy your spa.

Our Swim Spa SERUM and Pool SERUM are slightly different formulations of Total Maintenance for use in these situations.

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