Becoming a Serum Watercare Dealer

Thanks for considering Hot Tub Serum. We are excited to show you the many benefits of becoming a Serum Watercare dealer. Here is a quick rundown:

1 Serum products provide tangible, cost-effective benefits for your customers

  • As the ONLY EPA Registered product in the Hot Tub Specialty Chemical segment of the spa industry, we can prove this because EPA registration says Serum is safe and effective.
  • None of our competitors can make this claim. This is why they make no claims about killing & removing biofilm and other pathogens in a spa!

2 Though a great value for your customers, Serum products are highly profitable.

  • Our Specialty products carry margins in the mid to high 50% range. All of our products are listed on our Order Form.
  • Note that we offer volume discounts which can increase your profit margins to the low 60% range.

3 We are totally focused on protecting & increasing our Serum dealers chemical business.

  • We offer our HTS Turbo line of chemicals so that you can offer your customers a SINGLE brand of chemicals!
    - These are UN-SHOPPABLE on the internet! They can ONLY be found on our Serum dealers' websites!
  • We also offer Spa Start Up Kits so that you can develop loyalty among your spa owners to YOUR Serum brand!

4 We offer PROTECTED TERRITORIES where dealers enjoy a significant hot tub market share in their area of business.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a Serum Dealer:

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