Why is our EPA Registration for Serum Total Maintenance Important?

by Tony Turbo.

Aside from Chlorine, Bromine, and Biguanide, our Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance is the only product with EPA Registration for use as a sanitizer in hot tubs and spas.  Though we have quite a few competitors, none of them are EPA Registered.  I might speculate why our competitors are not EPA Registered, but the simple fact is they are not!

Chlorine, Bromine, & Biguanide Notes

  • Chlorine, Bromine, and Biguanide are Primary Sanitizers, while our Total Maintenance is used in conjunction with these three primary sanitizers as a Secondary, or back-up, Sanitizer.
  • All Primary Sanitizers cannot ensure your hot tub water is always clear & germ free, hence the need for a secondary sanitizer.

What is EPA Registration?

First, Serum Total Maintenance is an antimicrobial product.  The Federal Government classifies it as an “Antimicrobial Pesticide” with this description.

“An antimicrobial pesticide is intended to disinfect, sanitize, reduce, or mitigate growth or development of microbiological organisms or protect inanimate objects, industrial processes or systems, surfaces, water, or other chemical substances from contamination, fouling, or deterioration caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae, or slime.”

Second, the EPA performs extensive testing or as they say:

Before any pesticide product that EPA has not exempted from registration requirements can be lawfully sold or distributed, EPA performs a rigorous, comprehensive scientific assessment of the product, resulting in a registration decision.”

Third, the facility in which a product is made must also be EPA Registered.

“The establishment in which a pesticide product is produced must also be registered.”

Fourth, all EPA Registered products must be clearly labeled.

“All registered products must include an approved label on every package. The pesticide product’s label is a legal document. The label is the law!”

Fifth, there are actually two EPA Registrations;  Federal and most States also have their own version of EPA Registration.

Why is EPA Registration Important?

To be legally sold in a State and make a claim to sanitize and prevent bacteria and other pathogens, a product must be EPA Registered at both the Federal and State levels.  ONLY Serum Total Maintenance is so registered to be used as a sanitizer in conjunction with Chlorine, Bromine, and/or Biguanide.

Effectively, EPA Registration is important because it ensures that:

  1. The product works.  It’s performs as advertised
  2. The product is safe for use when used per the product’s directions.

Why is it Important to Know that Serum Total Maintenance is EPA Registered?

The bottom line is simply this.  Our EPA Registration for Serum Total Maintenance tells you with confidence that it is safe for use, and it’s proven to be effective as a sanitizer in hot tubs & spas.  As the only spa product with EPA Registration to be used in conjunction with Primary Sanitizers, only we can legally make these claims!

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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