Maintaining Crystal Clear, Safe Spa Water

by Tony Turbo.

Keeping Your Spa Water Clear & Safe

Let’s start by talking a bit about why you bought your spa. Surely for pleasure, to relax, to relieve sore muscles and joints, maybe socialize, and perhaps even a bit of romance. Along the way, you also found that with 10 -15 minutes in your spa, in the evening, you had to fight to stay awake (why would you do that) when you went to bed. I know, I’ve talked with 1,000’s of customers, sold just as many hot tubs, and serviced even more. Now that you have your spa you want to ensure you are keeping your spa water clear and safe so you can enjoy it whenever the mood strikes.

What are the Best Products for My Spa?

You’ve now found that there are a whole lot of products available to assist you in keeping your spa water crystal clear and safe – Free of pathogens; both those that are relatively benign and those that are dangerous. So, you are also wondering – What are the best products for my spa?

Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance is certainly one of them. And it’s the ONLY EPA registered product to do what Total Maintenance does. Our EPA registration, EPA REGISTRATION NO. 84409-2, means that Serum does what it says and it’s safe to use as directed! There is not another product available that does what Serum does and can make this claim.

Keeping Your Spa Water Safe

Your next question is likely – Why do I need Total Maintenance when I’m already using Chlorine, Bromine, or Biguanide to sanitize my water? I will discuss this more in upcoming Blogs but the truth is, at least once a month, and likely more often, the concentration of these chemicals in your spa is too low to ensure the complete killing of bacteria, viruses, etc. and also ensure biofilm is not building up in your spa’s plumbing.

Hot Tub Serum’s active ingredient is Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride (whew, that’s a long name), abbreviated as ADBAC. Though in lower concentrations, because they’re not diluted in your spa, ADBAC is an ingredient in a number of consumer products including , Bactine® and Lysol®. It’s also often used in hand sanitizers. Simply put, ADBAC is lethal to all pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, etc., but quite safe to use in a spa. Hence, the weekly addition of 1 oz. of Serum Total Maintenance per 100 gallons of spa water ensures your spa is protected and you don’t need to worry!

Your Spa Needs a Secondary, Back-Up Sanitizer

Serum Total Maintenance is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, algae, mold, etc. As such, Total Maintenance is a secondary, back-up sanitizer in your spa! This means that any time you do not have a sufficient level of Chlorine, Bromine, or Biguanide in your spa, Serum is ensuring your spa water remains crystal clear and your spa is safe to use. Once again, no other product can make this claim because other products are not EPA registered. The EPA will not allow such statements without testing and their approval.

A moment ago, you likely also asked, what’s biofilm? That’s another topic for a future blog, but for right now, let’s just say, you don’t want it. Biofilm can make it very difficult for you to maintain clear and safe water.

Keeping Your Spa Water Clear

Here’s something else. Did you know that nearly 100% of the time, cloudy spa water is due to insufficient sanitizer? By killing any pathogens your primary sanitizer didn’t Serum Total Maintenance keeps your spa water clear. Those “clarifiers” sold for hot tubs? – Highly likely you don’t need them. They’re not solving the fundamental problem – They’re masking the problem.

All Spa Sanitation Systems Need Serum Total Maintenance

So, here’s the bottom line. All Spa Sanitation Systems Need Serum Total Maintenance. It’s the essential addition to all spa sanitation systems available; from a basic floater, to the more advanced ion/halogen systems (including King Technology’s FROG products and Nature 2), to biguanide (including BAQUACIL® and BioGuard’s SoftSoak® System) and the top-of-the-line salt systems (including the Freshwater™ Salt System and Blu Fusion Bromine Generator). And the best part? – Serum is compatible with and supports them all. 

More to Come

However, this is only the start of the power of Hot Tub Serum. In upcoming Blogs will discuss Serum’s ability to remove all biofilm, stabilize your spa water pH, clean mildew from the underside of your spa cover, and much more.

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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