Maintaining Your Swim Spa

by Tony Turbo.

Though swim spas have been around for a bit over a decade, they remain a bit outside the norm when it comes to standardizing water treatment methods.  There are many regimens for maintaining hot tubs and pools, but none that are specifically focused on swim spas.  However, there is a single product specifically focused on Swim Spas.  It’s our Swim Spa Serum.

Swim Spas Are Different

The typical pool is around 15,000 – 20,000 gallons while the typical hot tub is 200 – 550 gallons.  Swim spas are in the middle at 1,500 – 2,500 gallons.

A few folks in a pool allow for a lot of water to disburse or dilute the bacteria and biologic waste (skin cells, sweat, etc.) from those in the pool.  A hot tub is on the other extreme.  The bather load is much higher as high-power jets scrub off skin cells and you sweat considerably more than you might think.  Combined with much less water and the demand on sanitizers in a hot tub, to keep the water clean and clear, is substantially higher.

Additionally, though a swim spa can be heated to 104 degrees, since they use the same heaters as hot tubs, they never are.  No one wants to exercise in 100-degree water.

The net result of these different conditions is the sanitation load (aka bather load) for a swim spa is also somewhere in between pools and hot tubs.

Swim Spas Fall in the Middle

Here is the problem. Sanitation requirements for swim spas fall in the middle of pool and hot tubs. Designed for 15,000+ gallons, pool regimens can add too much sanitizer – not a pleasant situation. On the other hand, hot tub regimens, designed for approximately 500 gallons, can add too little – also not a pleasant situation. Swim Spa Serum can help.

Why Swim Spa Serum?

Whether you are using chlorine (usually dichlor), bromine, an ion-based sanitizer, or even a salt-system, Swim Spa Serum will help.  In fact, much as our Serum Total Maintenance provides multiple benefits in hot tubs, our Swim Spa Serum, though a different formula[1], provides all the same benefits.

  • Once purged with our Serum Total Cleanse, it helps prevent biologic waste from again developing in the plumbing.
  • It’s an effective back-up to your primary sanitizer helping to keep your water clean & clear even when primary sanitizer levels are low.
  • As a strong pH buffer, Swim Spa Serum helps ensure your primary sanitizer is effective.
    • a. Chlorine loses its bacteria killing efficacy rapidly as pH rises. Even at a pH of 7.8, it’s lost 75% of its ability to kill bacteria.
  • When added weekly to your swim spa water it prevents black mold from developing on the underneath side of your spa covers and around pillows.
  • It’s an effective, and continual, filter cleaner.

1 Swim Spa Serum should not be used in a hot tub.

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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