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Less commonly skin rashes can be caused by chemical sensitivity or low pH in your spa water.

Some folks are just sensitive to chlorine, though I find very few are sensitive to bromine. If you find that chlorine bothers your skin, you might switch to bromine by using our  HTS Bromine Tab. If even bromine causes you issues, then we suggest using a biguanide sanitation method. Alternatively, you might consider a salt-system spa. Most do generate chlorine but because there are no other chemicals in the water, and salt is beneficial for your skin, you might find a salt-system solves the problem for you.

Very unlikely, but low pH might also cause a skin rash. Why is this unlikely? Because you test your water regularly (I’ll suggest at least once a week) and if you are using Serum Total Maintenance you are unlikely to see much of a change in pH even over many weeks.

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