Two more things

  • The Calcium level in your spa water will have a big impact on foaming in your spa. Your spa water should have a Calcium level (also called “hardness”) in the 150 – 250 ppm range. If your Calcium level is below this, any issues in your spa water are highly likely to result in foam. Use our HTS Calcium Plus to increase calcium in your spa. If your Calcium level is in the proper range, you may still see foaming but not so quickly as with lower levels of Calcium. Finally, if your spa water Calcium level is very high (above 400 ppm) you may never see foaming no matter how messed up your spa water.Note that Hot Spring and Caldera Freshwater Salt Systems want you to have a very low level of Calcium, in the 25 – 75 ppm range. One of their Start Up items is their “Vanishing Act Calcium Remover”. With this low level of Calcium, foam is more likely to be seen in these spas, however its just an earlier indication of spa water issues that should be resolved.
  • Please also refer to our Blog “Foam on your spa water”.
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