Oxidizers are necessary in spa water to remove accumulated biologic waste, such as dead bacteria, skin cells, and sweat.

In many spas, you have three different oxidizers. Both chlorine & bromine are primary sanitizers, but they are also oxidizers. Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen, specifically O3, and an oxidizer. Lastly, MPS, or potassium monopersulfate (also called potassium peroxymonosulfate) is an oxidizer.

The oxidation demand in a hot tub is very high as you have a small amount of water being used for months and quite a lot of biologic waste being added. Consequently, using only a primary sanitizer, even with ozone, is generally not sufficient to maintain clear, clean water in your spa. The weekly addition of MPS ensures all biologic waste is removed from your spa.

Additionally, because both chlorine and bromine regimens can be compromised, the weekly addition of Serum Total Maintenance which, like chlorine & bromine, is also an EPA Registered biocide, will ensure your spa water is always pure & pristine, ready for you to enjoy your hot tub.


  1. Do not use your spa for at least 30 minutes after you add MPS. It’s best to add MPS after using your spa.
  2. Be sure to leave your spa cover open for 30 minutes after adding MPS to your spa. MPS will off gas and will bleach your spa pillows and cover underside if you don’t leave your cover open.
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