Preventing Black Mold & Musty Spa Orders with Serum Triple Action

by Tony Turbo.

Hot Tub Serum is all about helping you easily maintain your spa. To date, our focus has been ensuring you have pristine, clear water to enjoy your hot tub whenever you wish. Just open the cover and hop in.

Two Common Spa Concerns

But even when you have great water you might notice two other problems.  The 1st is a musty odor when you first open your spa cover.  Once opening your spa, you might notice a 2nd issue – Black mold or mildew on the underneath side of your cover and perhaps around your pillows.

There is now, finally, a solution for these all-too-common problems.  It’s our latest product, Serum Triple Action Spray.  Now, not only does your spa water look crystal clear when using our Total Cleanse and Total Maintenance, your spa also smells inviting and with a perfectly clean cover.

Let’s go “under the cover” to understand how these problems occur

Musty Spa Order

Everyone in the hot tub business is familiar with the musty odor often noticed when opening a spa.  I’ve spoken with 100’s of dealers and they all know this issue.  Over the years, we’ve all come to just sort of accept it.  It’s kind of like the dairyman who says, “What smell?”

Most dealers have assumed this bad smell is coming from the cover, and to some degree it might, but the primary source of this musty spa odor is never noticed.  It actually coming from a 2” – 5” band on your spa shell just above the water line.  You ask, “How is that?”

When you enter your spa, you displace some water.  Depending on how many of you are getting in, this might be 2” – 5”.  When you get out, your spa water returns to the original level.  This 2” – 5” band is what I now call the “Tidal Zone”.

While you were in the spa, you were adding more bacteria from your skin to your spa water.  In the water itself, your sanitizer (and Total Maintenance) kill and remove these bacteria.  BUT, within minutes, in this Tidal Zone above the water line, there is virtually no sanitizer.

Also, when you close your spa, the air under the cover is very moist, keeping these bacteria is a perfect situation to grow to their heart’s content.  It’s warm, moist, and no sanitizer.  What more could bacteria ask for?  As these bacteria multiply, they also produce the musty odor you have noticed.

Our Serum Triple Action is a spray because it’s designed for you to spray this Tidal Zone when you exit your spa, just before you close the cover until you next spa visit.  It provides a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution – available at any spa dealer carrying Hot Tub Serum.

Black Mold or Mildew

If you have owned your spa for some time, you might well have experienced the problem of black mold on the underneath side of your spa cover – and perhaps around your pillows.  You likely had two thoughts.  The first is, How did this happen?  Your second was, How do I prevent it from happening again”.

Scientists know that “air” is not just a large part of nitrogen, some oxygen, and a few other gases.  It also contains all kinds of dust, pollen, fungus, mold, and mildew spores, and quite a few other things.  Black mold & mildew spores are in your outside air.  The concentration of these spores will vary greatly depending on where you live and the time of the year.

As I noted, the air under your spa cover is warm & moist.  Not just bacteria love this.  Molds do also.  If you are careful to ALWAYS maintain a proper level of sanitizer in your spa, you likely have not seen black mold, but how many of us can claim to ALWAYS keep our spa water in balance?

Here again, our new Serum Triple Action solves the problem.  If you spray the underside of your spa cover a couple of times a month, Triple Action will kill those nasty mold spores.  And in the process, if some of your musty spa odor was coming from our spa cover, we just solved that problem also!

Thanks for reading,

Tony Turbo

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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