You generally do not see biofilm in a spa because it grows in the plumbing. However, most all hot tubs will have some biofilm in them – and once started it continues to grow. This is the reason you should purge your hot tub with Serum Total Cleanse at least once a year.

Sometimes this biofilm can break loose from inside the plumbing and show up floating in the spa water.

Interestingly, our Serum Total Maintenance and Swim Spa Serum can cause this issue if your spa has a significant amount of biofilm in the plumbing. The reason is they contain the same active ingredient as in our Serum Total Cleanse – though in a much lower concentration.

Total Cleanse is designed to purge your spa – that is remove this biofilm. If your spa has quite a lot of accumulated biofilm, both Total Maintenance and Swim Spa Serum can “mini-purge” your spa. This is simply telling you that your spa needs to be purged with Total Cleanse.

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