Improve Your Salt System Spa With Hot Tub Serum

by Tony Turbo.

Salt System Sanitation has been popular in pools for the past 2 – 3 decades. In recent years it has also become quite popular in hot tubs. And Salt-Systems are now becoming available for swim spas as well. In all three situations, Salt-Systems provide these benefits.

  1. They involve fewer and less chemicals as they don’t require their continuous addition.
  2. Consequently, they require less labor to maintain the pool or spa.
  3. The water feels soft – and so does your skin upon exiting.
  4. Additionally, the water will not bleach clothing nor burn your eyes.
  5. Last, though expensive up-front, they are often the least expensive sanitation option over the life of the hot tub.

However, as with all other hot tub sanitation regimens, Hot Tub Serum products will improve your spa experience in your Salt-System spa as well.

Serum Total Cleanse

As the best spa purge on the market, Serum Total Cleanse ensures your spa plumbing is clean. Unlike most every other “pipe cleaner” available, Total Cleanse removes all the biofilm that will undoubtedly develop in your spa’s plumbing over time. Not only is “biofilm” just nasty to discuss, it will diminish the ability of your spa sanitizer to ensure you have clear & clean spa water. At a minimum, an annual spa purge with Serum Total Cleanse, helps make sure you are enjoying your spa whenever you wish.

Serum Total Maintenance

All primary spa sanitation regimens have their weaknesses, and this includes Salt-Systems. Salt-Systems produce either chlorine or bromine, the same sanitizers most commonly used in hot tubs. Hence, they also have the same weaknesses. However, they have an additional weakness. Since they produce either chlorine or bromine slowly, over many hours each day, they do not respond quickly when you use your spa heavily – what we call a high “bather load”.

Because Serum Total Maintenance is compatible with all sanitation regimens and is EPA registered as a biocide for use in spas, just like chlorine and bromine are, it can overcome the high bather load issue with Salt-System spas and keep your spa water always clear & clean.

Total Maintenance operates in two ways to ensure this.

  1. First, as an EPA registered secondary sanitizer, Total Maintenance steps in to kill bacteria and other spa pathogens when the primary sanitizer is compromised.
  2. Second, chlorine will only kill bacteria in a narrow pH range of 7.2 – 7.6. Above this pH range, chlorine is almost useless. However, Total Maintenance is a highly effective pH Buffer. It helps maintain the proper pH of your spa water. In doing so, it also helps your primary sanitizer to effectively kill bacteria and other spa pathogens.

Swim Spa Serum

If you own a swim spa, you have likely noticed that there are very few products designed specifically for swim spas. Since they are typically 5 times larger than a hot tub, their sanitization needs are different.

Serum Watercare stepped up several years ago with Swim Spa Serum Total Maintenance. It is specifically formulated for the larger swim spas but performs the exact same functions as our standard Total Maintenance.

Serum Triple Action Spray

Two years ago, Serum Watercare also developed Triple Action Spray to solve two other hot tub problems that previously had no good solution. Those two problems?

  1. Cleaning & preventing the black mold that can form on the underneath side of hot tub covers.
  2. Preventing the musty odor often noticed when opening a spa that has been closed for several days.

With a semi-monthly squirt of Triple Action Spray on the underside of your spa cover, you will prevent black mold. And with a squirt around the inside of your spa shell, just above the water line when you exit your spa, you will also eliminate that musty odor.

Tony Turbo

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