Lifetime Jet Warranty

Enjoy the Peace of Mind of a Lifetime Hot Tub Jet Warranty?

From the company that brought you Hot Tub SERUM, we now bring you the only lifetime hot tub jet warranty in the hot tub industry.
The basic manufacturer’s warranty for jets last only 1 to 2 years, and all basic jet warranties do not cover failure from water chemistry issues. SERUM Watercare can provide a lifetime extended warranty on all the Jet inserts in your spa, from the first day that you own your spa and covers you in the event of a jet failure.

The Hot Tub SERUM Lifetime Jet Warranty is the first of its kind in the spa the industry and goes beyond any other warranty program offered today. We know from years of testing that if a spa owner follows our regimen using Hot Tub SERUM on a weekly basis, the chances of a jet malfunction from poor water chemistry issues will be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

The Hot Tub Serum Lifetime Extended Jet Warranty will complete your standard maufacture warranty and give you the peace of mind that your hot tub is protected. By buying a hot tub from a dealer that offers the Hot Tub SERUM Total Clean System you will not only improve your weekly chemical maintenance regimen, but you will improve your bathing experience and satisfaction in your purchase.

When you purchase your spa from an authorized Hot Tub SERUM dealer and sign-up for our Auto-Ship Program, you will automatically be covered by our lifetime jet warranty on your new spa. Our goal is to have satisfied customers using our products. Our Lifetime jet warranty is one more way we backup Hot Tub SERUM’s claims. No weekly maintenance product can provide the protection to your hot tub that Hot Tub SERUM can. When you get your hot tub into your backyard and setup, it’s the water quality that takes center stage. Hot Tub SERUM provides the easiest and best hot tub water experience possible. We Guarantee It!

Warranty Highlights:

  • The extended warranty covers the replacement of jet inserts that fail from water chemistry issues.
  • The jet warranty is available only on new hot tubs and will be over and above the factory warranty.
  • The warranty becomes effective at the time of installation of the hot tub.
  • The hot tub owner signs up to buy 2-Liter bottles of Hot Tub SERUM on our auto-ship program as needed based on the gallonage of the hot tub.
  • As the hot tub owner, you agree to follow the Hot Tub SERUM directions of 1 ounce per 100 gallons once per week and keep the hot tub running on SERUM during the hot tub ownership.
  • As the hot tub owner, you agree to use SERUM Total Cleanse on every water change.
  • You may use any type of sanitizer, including Chlorine, Bromine, and Biguanides. However, the use of Tri-Chlor or Cal-Hypo will void the program.
  • The hot tub owner agrees to buy Hot Tub SERUM exclusively from the dealer who they originally purchased the hot tub from.
  • SERUM Watercare agrees to replace any removable jet inserts that fail due to water chemistry issues.
  • Jet bodies mounted permanently in the spa are excluded from the warranty.
  • SERUM Watercare will determine whether it will provide a replacement jet or reimburse the dealer for any failed jet. Any labor for the replacement is excluded from the warranty.
  • The Hot Tub SERUM extended warranty is transferable if the new owner agrees to continue the auto-ship program.
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