Why You Should Include Serum In Your Spa Sanitation Regimen

by Tony Turbo.

Every year close to 1 million hot tubs are sold in the US.  Some of the largest manufacturers sell over 50,000 annually through their dealers.  Of course, some are also sold via the Internet, at Discount Stores and in Road Shows. Unfortunately, some of these spas will be little used. The #1 reason is owner frustration maintaining their spa water.

There is a ton of advice on the Internet on Facebook, blogs, websites, Instagram, etc. Some advice is pretty sound. Other advice is way off the mark. However, keeping a clean hot tub that you enjoy using whenever you wish, and at a moment’s notice, really is not that hard – as long as you understand and accept a few simple principles.

Many Spa Sanitization Systems Work – None Are Perfect

Most spa sanitations systems are halogen-based, using either chlorine or bromine.  Biguanide-based systems are also available.  Understanding that they have limitations, they all work.  In order of preference, chlorine is most commonly used, then bromine, and last biguanide.

You might think I have left out a large group of sanitizers that are metallic ion based.  I’ve not because all “ion based” sanitation systems must be used in conjunction with a halogen.  Ions, by themselves, are not a strong enough sanitizer for the EPA to approve them without a halogen sanitizer.

Here’s a chart of these systems pros & cons.

Primary Sanitizer Pros Cons Comments
Chlorine • Simple
• Dichlor is inexpensive
• Well understood
• Both a sanitizer & an oxidizer
• Loses its pathogen killing efficacy rapidly if pH is too high
• Dichlor systems can experience “chlorine lock” and stop killing pathogens
• Salt systems not effective in high bather load situations
Includes dichlor, most ion-based systems, and most salt systems
Bromine • Simple
• Gentler than chlorine
• Both a sanitizer & an oxidizer
• Insensitive to pH issues
• Little odor
• Granular and tablet-based systems require frequent application
• Generally, not effective in high bather load situations
Generally using granular or tablet-based bromine but also includes some ion-based systems and some salt systems
Biguanide • Best of folks with highly sensitive skin • Requires strict adherence to instructions
• Not compatible with halogen-based systems
• Not effective in high bather load situations
Baquacil, Baqua Spa, ad Soft-Swim are the most common brands

As you note above, all primary sanitizers have their limitations, hence a complete spa sanitation regimen requires a secondary sanitizer, specifically Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance (& Swim Spa Serum).

Serum Total Maintenance Is Always Working

Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance and Swim Spa Serum are compatible with all primary sanitation systems, even some of the “exotic” systems I have not discussed above.  Their ability to kill pathogens and keep your spa water clear and clean is not affected by pH swings, high temperatures, or cyanuric acid (CYA) levels.  (CYA is what causes the chlorine lock issue I noted above with dichlor.)

Hence, Serum Total Maintenance and Swim Spa Serum are always working.  When your primary sanitizer levels are too low or they are ineffective, Serum “has your back”.  It’s still killing the bacteria in your spa.  And, since Serum is also a very effective pH buffer (helping to keep your pH in the proper range) it is also helping chlorine-based systems, which are the most common, be more effective.

Total Maintenance Saves You $’s And Time

Some folks think Serum is a bit on the expensive side. I think not. Here’s why.

  1. You will not be buying Filter Cleaners.  Serum keeps your filter(s) clean continuously.
  2. You will buy less pH Up or Down because Serum helps lock your pH in place.
  3. If you forgot to add chlorine, bromine, biguanide or your ion cartridges ran empty sooner than they should, your spa water is still pure, pristine, and inviting.
  4. You will not go out to use your spa on a Friday evening and find the water cloudy and unusable.
    1. You spent +/- $10,000 on your hot tub. A few $’s to ensure you can use it at any time is cheap.
  5. You won’t be wondering what is hiding in your spa’s plumbing.
  6. Basically, Serum Total Maintenance and Swim Spa Serum are insurance.  When something goes awry with your primary sanitizer (and it will) Serum is still doing its job to ensure you can enjoy your spa whenever you want.

What do Serum Dealers Say?

Hot Tub Management Is Easier With Serum

Thanks for reading,
Turbo Tony

Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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