Hot Tub SERUM Dichlor Starter Kit

For those spa owners using dichlor as both their primary sanitizer and oxidizer, our Dichlor Starter Kit provides a complete solution to ensure clear, clean water and a superior spa experience.

Each Start Kit includes:

  1. One (1) 16 oz, bottle of our EPA Registered Serum Total Maintenance1
  2. One (1) 2 lb. bottle of our Hot Tub Serum (HTS) Dichlor
  3. One (1) 2 lb. bottle of our HTS pH Up
  4. One (1) 1.5 lb. bottle of our HTS pH Down
  5. One (1) bottle of 4-way Test Strips
  1. Serum Total Maintenance improves the performance of chlorine (dichlor) based sanitizing regimens by stabilizing pH and reducing the sanitation load on the primary sanitizer (chlorine).
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