The Importance of EPA Registration

by Tony Turbo.

Though you likely hear the term EPA often, you might wonder why EPA registration is important. Fundamentally, it comes down to this. EPA registration means the EPA has determined that product is safe and effective when used as directed.

The EPA regulates the manufacturing, processing, distribution, and use of chemicals in the United States. In addition, the EPA is charged with determining safe tolerance levels for chemicals in food, animal feed, and water. Hence, EPA registration is sort of a seal of approval – and importantly, it is an independent seal of approval.

Only SERUM Is Registered with the EPA!

SERUM Total Maintenance is the only product EPA registered for use in the spa industry to kill pathogens that is not a primary sanitizer. Its EPA REGISTRATION NO. is 84409-2. Total Maintenance is a back-up, secondary sanitizer, rather than a primary sanitizer.

Chlorine and bromine, spa chemicals you are familiar with, are EPA registered but they are used as primary sanitizers. One important reason is that both not only kill spa pathogens, they also oxidize their waste products. By oxidizing these waste products, they remove them from the water.

Though in several ways, Total Maintenance is a superior sanitizer, it is not an oxidizer, hence its role is as a back-up, secondary sanitizer. It must be used in conjunction with oxidizers such as chlorine, bromine, ozone, and/or nonchlorine-based shock (potassium monopersulfate).

In a sense, Total Maintenance steps in to ensure safe and clear water in your spa when the primary sanitizer is not properly performing its role. Airplanes have redundant systems to ensure the plane still flies even when a primary system fails. Total Maintenance provides the same role in your spa or hot tub when the primary sanitizer is not fully performing its job.

What Is the EPA Standard for a Sanitizer?

This varies a bit based on product categories but within the spa industry the EPA defines a sanitizer as killing 99.9% of bacteria.


Thanks for reading,
Tony Turbo

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